JULY 7, 2016

Emerald Magazine Features Flights

Discretion and convenience are often afterthoughts in the cannabis industry, but this newly launched company is, well…making it their business. As the world’s first enterprise of its type, Flights fills the industry niche by offering an entirely exclusive product: single-serving, pre-ground, vacuum-sealed ReadyPacks in eco-groovy and unscented containers.

The Santa Cruz-based company, which officially launched in late 2015, is already turning heads with its award winning, ready to use cannabis. This January, Flights’ claimed first prize for ‘Best New Product’ at San Francisco’s premiere event, HempCon.

Each single-serving carton is portable and takes the hassle out of self-grinding or sealing. “Flights’ is an all-in-one solution. Say goodbye to your grinder, rolling tray and all the things that come along with keeping your own product,” says Flights’ co-founder Geoff Perryn.

Customers can expect nothing but top-shelf, high quality bud that is both de-stemmed, and ground to perfection. The best part — the pocket-sized packs are virtually odorless.

The specially designed vacuum-sealed packaging is a trade secret that took more than two years of research and development, explains Perryn. “They are designed to be odor free – [but when] opened, it bursts with beautiful aromas that are associated with good, quality cannabis. We are one of a kind in that sense.”

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JULY 5, 2016

World’s First Single-Serving FLIGHTS Cannabis Packs Now Available All Over California

Untitled-1Santa Cruz, CA (July 5, 2016) — Flights ReadyPacks, the world’s first single-serving, top-shelf, pre-ground cannabis packs, are now available to cannabis patients throughout California through a partnership with Jacks Collective, an overnight delivery service based in San Diego.

The vacuum-sealed ReadyPacks are made from meticulously curated and lab-tested Norcal indoor from a network of award-winning growers. Each packet contains .35 grams of true connoisseur grade, ground to the ideal texture and vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness. The core strains include OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Tangerine, Chiquita Banana and Jack Herer. Other seasonal strains, like Strawberry Banana and Sunset Sherbert, are popular with consumers as well.

“We’re always looking for creative ways to make our award-winning products more easily accessible, especially in areas that are difficult to reach,” said Geoff Perryn, co-founder of Flights.

“We’re excited to make Flights available all over the state because our market is so broad – it’s great for new smokers, those who have discretion in mind, or those who love the convenience of smoking at festivals, concerts or camping.”

See the full press release here.

JUNE 23, 2016

OC Weed Review Features FLIGHTS


Flights-1-696x488As the editor of a marijuana review site, I spend a surprising amount of time on the road, visiting company headquarters, attending conferences, and covering the many Cannabis Cups, Hempcons, and other assorted “fests” that are crammed into each calendar year. With all this moving around, it is essential to have discreet medication on hand that can be stashed away easily in luggage yet is ready to go on a moment’s notice.

That is the exact role Flights ReadyPacks were designed to fill. Flights have cornered this market and made it all their own. Their ultra thin, scent sealed packs mean they are odor free until you tear them open. Just rip open the top of the sealed ReadyPack and then peel it open. Because the flower is pre-ground, it saves time when on the go.

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APRIL 20, 2016

Inverse Magazine Features FLIGHTS

inverse-article-flight-packs-april-20Getting stoned used to entail a whole grubby process of haggling and sneaking around. It still does in some places, but the weed legalization movement is spreading across America at a clip.

Brett Yader, co-founder of Flights, a company specializing in prepackaged, single-serve hits of marijuana, says that the movement around legalization makes now the perfect time to jettison old stereotypes and the old methods of consumption that birthed them. For future stoners, Yader tells Inverse, getting weed will be the least interesting part of getting stoned and getting stoned won’t be interesting at all. It will just be nice.

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February 1, 2016

We Won “Best New Product” Award from 2016 HempCon in San Francisco

Best-new-product-hempcon-sf-2016Great news! We received the 2016 HempCon Cup for “Best New Product” at the HempCon in San Francisco, a celebration of all things cannabis-related with specialty products from growers, breeders, extract artists and edible chefs 

We’re obsessed with curating the absolute best to put into our Flights products, and we’re grateful that we caught the attention of the HempCon judges.

We impressed the crowd with our award! We spoke to cannaseurs and visitors from all over California, sharing our premium product line of pre-ground, top-shelf cannabis. We got plenty of ideas from fans that we spoke to –stay tuned for more exciting developments from FLIGHTS, award-winning strains in award-winning packaging.

  • Preground & fresh, Flights makes flower vaping easy!
  • 4-in-1 Solution – Say goodbye to your jar, grinder, rolling tray and loose nugs.
  • Variety – new strains every few weeks.
  • Consistent Dosage Know exactly how much cannabis you’re consuming every time.
  • Perfect Grind – ground to the ideal texture for flower vaping.
  • Environmental Friendly – Recyclable Box
    and less plastic per eighth than a normal
    dispensary bag.

  • Stem Free! Stems have been removed for your
    convenience providing up to 10% higher value
    than the same weight with stems.

  • Odor-free! Discretion is at the heart of FLIGHTS.
    100% odor-free ensures your peace of mind.
  • Engage emerging market of portable flower vape users.
  • Keep your menu fresh! Constant rotation of desirable strains like Jack Herer, Gorrilla Glue #4, OG Kushes, GDP, Girl Scout Cookies, Chiquita Banana, etc.

  • Higher profit per gram than traditional raw cannabis
  • Eliminate waste, theft, shake,
    moisture loss and under/overweighs.
  • Increase average sales transaction size (ATS)
  • Conserved Fresh! Our CannaFresh™ process ensures A fresher cannabis than traditional retail storage methods.

  • Save on labor and supply costs…Let us handle the
  • Faster Response to market! Ability to buy in smaller increments to reflect real time demand.
  • Brand Awareness – All the benefits of a branded
    product! Reliability, consistency, easy to sell.

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