Opening: The are a variety of ways to open the packets, but we suggest doing so in a way that creates a shelf or “canoe” to hold the cannabis in place. Do not just rip open the top and pour out. To open, simply tear open the top and then peel down along the side creating a shelf, exposing the cannabis. You are now ready to fill your favorite flower vape or smoking device. See illustration diagram below:





Uses: Designed for convenience and discretion with portable methods such as vaporizers, joints and blunts, FLIGHTS can also be used at home in your device of choice, such as a bong, pipe or a desktop vape.

Storage: Always store in a cool dry place and if you plan to save your FLIGHTS for more than a week or two we recommend storing them in the refrigerator to help preserve ultimate freshness.

Re-Use: If our single dose packets prove to be more than you need in a single sitting then they can be easily folded up to save for later.

Learn More: Follow us on Instagram @ FlightsPacks. You can also learn more about the strains going into your FLIGHTS boxes via www.WhatsInMyFlights.com.


  • Preground & fresh, Flights makes flower vaping easy!
  • 4-in-1 Solution – Say goodbye to your jar, grinder, rolling tray and loose nugs.
  • Variety – new strains every few weeks.
  • Consistent Dosage Know exactly how much cannabis you’re consuming every time.
  • Perfect Grind – ground to the ideal texture for flower vaping.
  • Environmental Friendly – Recyclable Box
    and less plastic per eighth than a normal
    dispensary bag.

  • Stem Free! Stems have been removed for your
    convenience providing up to 10% higher value
    than the same weight with stems.

  • Odor-free! Discretion is at the heart of FLIGHTS.
    100% odor-free ensures your peace of mind.
  • Engage emerging market of portable flower vape users.
  • Keep your menu fresh! Constant rotation of desirable strains like Jack Herer, Gorrilla Glue #4, OG Kushes, GDP, Girl Scout Cookies, Chiquita Banana, etc.

  • Higher profit per gram than traditional raw cannabis
  • Eliminate waste, theft, shake,
    moisture loss and under/overweighs.
  • Increase average sales transaction size (ATS)
  • Conserved Fresh! Our CannaFresh™ process ensures A fresher cannabis than traditional retail storage methods.

  • Save on labor and supply costs…Let us handle the
  • Faster Response to market! Ability to buy in smaller increments to reflect real time demand.
  • Brand Awareness – All the benefits of a branded
    product! Reliability, consistency, easy to sell.

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