• Preground & fresh, Flights makes flower vaping easy!
  • 4-in-1 Solution – Say goodbye to your jar, grinder, rolling tray and loose nugs.
  • Variety – new strains every few weeks.
  • Consistent Dosage Know exactly how much cannabis you’re consuming every time.
  • Perfect Grind – ground to the ideal texture for flower vaping.
  • Environmental Friendly – Recyclable Box
    and less plastic per eighth than a normal
    dispensary bag.

  • Stem Free! Stems have been removed for your
    convenience providing up to 10% higher value
    than the same weight with stems.

  • Odor-free! Discretion is at the heart of FLIGHTS.
    100% odor-free ensures your peace of mind.
  • Engage emerging market of portable flower vape users.
  • Keep your menu fresh! Constant rotation of desirable strains like Jack Herer, Gorrilla Glue #4, OG Kushes, GDP, Girl Scout Cookies, Chiquita Banana, etc.

  • Higher profit per gram than traditional raw cannabis
  • Eliminate waste, theft, shake,
    moisture loss and under/overweighs.
  • Increase average sales transaction size (ATS)
  • Conserved Fresh! Our CannaFresh™ process ensures A fresher cannabis than traditional retail storage methods.

  • Save on labor and supply costs…Let us handle the
  • Faster Response to market! Ability to buy in smaller increments to reflect real time demand.
  • Brand Awareness – All the benefits of a branded
    product! Reliability, consistency, easy to sell.

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