Inspired by the desire to make portable flower vaping more convenient, we have worked tirelessly for the past two years in order to perfect our discreet, vacuum-sealed ReadyPacks, taking the hassle out of portable vaporizing and on-the-go smoking and making it easy to vape conveniently whenever, wherever.


FLIGHTFULLLAYOUTWe are passionate about both our packaging process as well as the quality of product that we put in our packets. Through our broad network of award-winning growers, we fill our packets with nothing but the best cannabis on earth, bringing our customers fresh ground cannabis pre-packaged in ways never before available to the mainstream.


Whether its through our ReadyPacks or a yet to be developed future product, FLIGHTS is committed to making the world’s best cannabis available to all, through increasingly creative methods which focus on convenience and discretion. 

  • Preground & fresh, Flights makes flower vaping easy!
  • 4-in-1 Solution – Say goodbye to your jar, grinder, rolling tray and loose nugs.
  • Variety – new strains every few weeks.
  • Consistent Dosage Know exactly how much cannabis you’re consuming every time.
  • Perfect Grind – ground to the ideal texture for flower vaping.
  • Environmental Friendly – Recyclable Box
    and less plastic per eighth than a normal
    dispensary bag.

  • Stem Free! Stems have been removed for your
    convenience providing up to 10% higher value
    than the same weight with stems.

  • Odor-free! Discretion is at the heart of FLIGHTS.
    100% odor-free ensures your peace of mind.
  • Engage emerging market of portable flower vape users.
  • Keep your menu fresh! Constant rotation of desirable strains like Jack Herer, Gorrilla Glue #4, OG Kushes, GDP, Girl Scout Cookies, Chiquita Banana, etc.

  • Higher profit per gram than traditional raw cannabis
  • Eliminate waste, theft, shake,
    moisture loss and under/overweighs.
  • Increase average sales transaction size (ATS)
  • Conserved Fresh! Our CannaFresh™ process ensures A fresher cannabis than traditional retail storage methods.

  • Save on labor and supply costs…Let us handle the
  • Faster Response to market! Ability to buy in smaller increments to reflect real time demand.
  • Brand Awareness – All the benefits of a branded
    product! Reliability, consistency, easy to sell.

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